Introduction Last updated: 2020-03-06

SMS Heroes have an API if you want to integrate your own system and send bulk SMS messages.
To start sending SMS is easy and can be done in two steps:

  • Request access token
    Go to General settings section "API". Click on button "Create token". The SMS Heroes will generate the token that will be available until you'll revoke it.
  • Send the HTTP POST request to SMS Heroes API.

Send request

Create the HTTP POST request to with body.

The request body fields has following meaning:

  • sender - the sender name or number of the SMS.
  • message - the SMS message.
  • recipients - the list of phone numbers. Phone number should be a string.
  • campaignName - the campaign name (optional).

	Content-Type: application/json
	Authorization: Bearer YourTokenGoesHere123

		"sender": "John Doe",
		"message": "Hello from API!",
		"recipients": ["+nnnnnnnnnnnn", "+nnnnnnnnnnnn"],
		"campaignName": "Demo Campaign"


If campaignName is left empty the system will generate a campaignName being todays date.


If everything goes well, you should get a response which looks similar to this:

		"id": 172122,
		"numberOfSMS": 2,
		"totalCost": 0.06800

If you're in need of any assistance, don't hesitate to e-mail us at